Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forums for a Future course is now public and free on USF iTunes University

I teach an Honors course at the University of South Florida, entitled Forums for a Future. The course engages students in a series of civic discussion about the economic, social and political issues we must deal with in order to have a future.
The course will become available through USF iTunes University for the Fall Semester 2012. Any one may take the course free. The only difference between the USF for-credit course and the free public version on iTunes is the lack of direct access to the instructor and freedom from the three classes per week time table of a semester schedule. The iTunes version is self-paced.

Anyone taking the course on iTunes will be able to interact with anyone else who is at the same place on the class schedule. In addition, USF students enrolled in the class will have an opportunity to interact with those taking the free public version. Thus, anyone taking the free on-line version can essentially be “in” the University class by starting at the same time and staying on the same semester schedule as the USF students.  

To receive a notification of when the course has been published on USF iTunes University, and instructions for formal participation in the public discussions forums, a person should pre-register for the course at: http://ureddit.com/class/32219.

Although you will not have direct access to me, I will be closely following the course personally. I have provided a blog where you can make suggestions about how I may improve your experience with the class. Since this is first time I have done this, I expect, with your help, we can fix and refine any trouble spots.

I will be looking forward to having you in the class starting in the Fall of 2012.

Ed Renner